Digital marketing is an essential part of building any brand or sales strategy in the modern world. But cannabis-related businesses are largely shut out of the most common digital marketing tools, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It’s still possible for a cannabis business to build an effective digital strategy, but it requires an approach that goes beyond technical SEO tweaks and paid advertising.

In this session, you'll learn how to leverage consumer intent and organic content to effectively drive your digital marketing when paid options are limited. We’ll start with the foundational steps to improve your online presence, expand your reputation, and navigate the restrictions that make online cannabis marketing challenging. Then you’ll learn why centering your digital strategy and content plan around consumer intent - strategically placing your message in front of the right people at the right time - is the most powerful way to generate and capture demand online.

Learning Objectives

1. Which digital marketing tools are and aren’t available to cannabis-related businesses and why?
2. What are the foundational elements that every cannabis business must have to establish an effective online presence?
3. How can you effectively increase your digital visibility and demand generation without access to Search Engine Marketing?
4. What is “consumer intent” and why should it be the central principle of your digital marketing plan?
5. How can you build and optimize a content strategy that leverages consumer intent to get the best results?