Learn which categories and sub-categories of cannabis products are largest and/or growing most rapidly and represent the best opportunities for both dispensaries and growers, producers and brands. This session will discuss specific key metrics to track, showcase reports and dashboards, and identify targeted areas of improvement in the numbers.

This all-levels session is tailored towards anyone working, investing, or interested in cannabis cultivation and medical dispensaries. The case-study and data-driven cultivation & retail best practices are accessible for absolute beginners as well as actionable challenging for industry veterans.

Learning Objectives
1. Dispensaries will know how to use software that enables them to match their product offering with consumer demand to maximize sales, loyalty and profits.
2. Growers, producers and brands will know: Opportunity: Relative sales and growth rates of product categories and sub-categories
3. Competition: How to understand the competitive environment
4. Product Development: How to use data to drive smart product development
5. Sales: How to harness third party data to support sales and leverage detailed volume and price data to create and tweak marketing initiatives