This session aims to bring together working greenhouse cultivators from throughout the US to discuss the strategy, design, and implementation of greenhouse cultivation facilities. The panelists will discuss their histories as greenhouse cultivators and designers, share some insider tips on maximizing efficiencies within a greenhouse space as well as well as some horror stories that people should avoid. Emphasis will be placed on cultivating in different climates and in different greenhouse styles. Specific cost saving technology such as LED lighting and environmental controls will be discussed as will challenges in operating a greenhouse facility. This discussion will be followed by an audience question and answer session where participants can ask specific cultivation questions to the panelists.

Learning Objectives

  1. Greenhouse cultivation can be viable in a variety of environments, not just hot and dry.
  2. Saving on your cost per pound is one of the few ways to increase your margins in a competitive market
  3. Utilizing automation technology can free up significant labor, reducing overhead
  4. Genetics selection is very important in greenhouse cultivation. Grow what you know.
  5. Proper planning during design and build out can save time and money during operations