February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA

The Cannabis Conservancy

Brian Farmer

Co-Founder & Director of Certification Services, The Cannabis Conservancy

Brian, based in Upstate New York, comes from a long line of plant people and professionals in the agricultural arena.  He brings 30 years of experience as a small commercial organic grower with an emphasis on sustainable practices and production of heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. He has worked as an Integrated Pest Management consultant, agricultural consultant, and farm certifier, working domestically and internationally with major international 3rd party certification bodies.  Since 2007 he has audited hundreds of farms, greenhouses, packing-houses, and processors to accredited 3rd party standards. As a consultant, he has worked with growers, processors and packing-houses to develop Good Agricultural Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point-based food safety plans.

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