February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA

Rm3 Labs

Dr. Anna Ettinger

Lab Director, Rm3 Labs

Anna Ettinger holds PhD in Biology from Palladin Institute of Biochemistry Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Anna received several MBA courses from University of Colorado in Denver. She is
also a Certified Nurse. Anna has a diverse 30+ years background leading discovery and product development efforts in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical sectors and encompasses a wide range of other industries, including Academia, Medical Devices and Healthcare Providers (Hospitals).

She demonstrated the ability to take products through the full life cycle, from discovery to market launch. Her areas of expertise include:
 Protein Biochemistry  Enzymology  Assay Development  Cell Biology  Protein Purification  Clinical Diagnostics  Molecular Biology  Signal Transduction  Blood Transfusion
 Immunology  Drug Transport  Algae as a source of Biofuels

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