February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA

Good Weed

Tanner Budde

Founder & General Manager, Good Weed

Tanner Budde is an experienced cultivation, management, and branding consultant who specializes in high-quality craft cannabis. He started his career with the famed Realm of Caring Foundation, where he worked directly with the Charlotte’s Web strain. Tanner’s eight-year professional field experience has been almost entirely in the medical marijuana industry, growing hundreds of cannabis strains, both indoor and in greenhouse settings. His thoughtfully-implemented, minimal-input cultivation approach presents plentiful opportunity to lower cost, increase revenue, and improve quality of your yields.

Putting his passion for sustainability and organic growing front and center, Tanner is now co-founder and General Manager of Good Weed; a successful small-batch, no-till, craft medical cannabis cultivation facility and dispensary. Tanner understands there are many misunderstandings about organic practices, and he is out to prove that sustainable systems are the smartest decision to remain profitable, scalable, and responsible in such a dynamic industry populated with misconceptions and dominated by regulations.

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