February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA


Karen Tobin

Co-founder and CEO, data.green

Karen has spent the past two decades transforming stagnant operations in legacy industries into agile, high-growth enterprises. Prior to founding data.green, she oversaw acquisitions and business integration for an S&P 400 financial services firm before growing a small-scale regional legal practice into an industry trailblazer with national reach. Her award-winning compliant legal management technology and innovative organizational practices have become the subject of research and best practices.

Karen founded data.green to introduce those same efficiencies to a similarly regulated and integrated industry. Her unique combination of leadership, systems development and partnership management expertise has propelled data.green to the forefront of the cannabis middleware vertical. She looks forward to extending the millions of dollars in realized operational savings to software partners and their plant-touching clients in a complaint manner.
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