February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA

Green Mile Holdings

Darren Roberts

CEO and Co-Founder, Green Mile Holdings

Darren Roberts brings 25+ years of investment and management expertise to Green Mile Holdings, leading the team in vision, strategy, growth, and execution while driving culture.  In his role as CEO, Roberts’ focus is on developing technology and data platforms that are not only unique to the cannabis industry, but will accelerate and streamline growth in e-commerce as a whole.

Green Mile Holdings’ first property under Robert’s management is social app, High There!. The app brings together communities of like-minded individuals, who share the the same affection for cannabis culture.  In a short time High There! has received ~500K downloads. GMH is currently developing a data management platform called that collects and synchronizes user profiles, purchase history, and geolocation/behavior.  Concurrently, GMH is developing a consumer facing e-commerce component that will provide the ability to complete direct-to-consumer transactions in the cannabis space.

Prior to founding Green Mile Holdings, Roberts worked in the financial lending sector as a managing partner, an angel investor to several start-ups, and real estate investments. Roberts’ is based in Green Mile Holdings’ office in Boca Raton, FL, and has been featured in over a 100 media outlets in his role as CEO of High There!, including: CNN, CNBC, LA Weekly, The New York Times and Good Day LA.

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