February 12–13, 2019
Boston, MA

Allay Consulting

Kimberly Stuck

Founder, Allay Consulting

Kimberly Stuck was the first Marijuana Specialist for a public health authority in the Nation in Denver Colorado. Conducting compliance inspections, license sign offs, running pesticide investigations, writing press releases, conducting recalls, conducting shelf stability and CBD source approvals, she’s done it all.  She has disposed of millions of dollars of Cannabis/ Cannabis products due to non-compliance and because of this the industry refers to her lovingly as the Weed-Whacker. She has greatly helped Colorado develop requirements and has also helped Los Angeles County develop their regulations. She has knowledge of all local, state and federal cannabis and health/safety regulations.  She is a Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS), serves on local and state Colorado cannabis science and policy boards, and helps governments in several different states develop health and safety regulations for the cannabis industry. During her years as a regulator she grew a love for the industry and the people in it. While working as a regulator she noticed a gap in the industry when it came to Compliance. She knew she could make a more substantial difference and save Cannabis companies millions through active preventative measures if she started her own company. With the support of Industry, she decided to launch Allay Consulting. Allay Consulting’s goal is to help the cannabis industry thrive compliantly on a global scale.

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